Class Notes 8/22

-Call black hawk county court clerk to set up 1 hr court session

-Number is 833-3333

-attend when something is happening

-Take notes on details (defendant name, prosecutor name, etc.)

-No cell phone!

-Assignment for next class (know which case I will be attending)

-email sheriff for ride along (CF Police department)

-Sept 5 off campus visit

-went to Iowa courts online

-went to Iowa cold cases website (

-Read about  Agnes “Aggie” Kennedy 

  • Agnes quit her teaching job to work for a massage parlor (which was basically prostitution) so she could afford to pay the bills and take care of her 3 children
  • Divorced mother
  • Body found Dec 22, 2007.
  • Strangled to death
  • Found in an alley in Davenport by a couple returning home
  • Agnes was believed to be killed elsewhere and then dumped in the alley. The alley was located just one block away from where she frequently visited for her “massage parlor” position.
  • Died at age 51
  • Location: Linn County, IA.                                            agnes-aggie-kennedy.jpg

Jonbenet Ramsey case video:

Family-Mother = Patsy   Father = John   Son = Burke  Daughter = Jonbenet

  • CBS being sued for making claim that he killed his younger sister
  • Dec 26, 1996 in Boulder, CO
  • Daughter kidnapped from home with a note left, body later found dead
    • Was it someone they know or that they are related to? They had to know where she lived. What did the note say?
  • Mother was Miss West Virginia
  • Very wealthy lifestyle, “perfect family”
    • Did someone resent them for this that could lead to a relation to the death of Jonbenet
  • Elite team of professionals brought together to try to solve the case
    • years of experience!
  • Mother, Patsy, called 911 around 6am
  • 911 phone recipient – Laura Richards
  • Long process to analyze the phone call *VERY important for the case
    • Questioning why she hung up the phone on the police
    • This makes me question her credibility because most people would stay on the line until the police arrive
    • Voices in the background say “We’re not speaking to you” -possibly John Rasmey
    • Parents say Burke was sleeping
    • Laura says the call sounded rehearsed
  • Phone conversation in background
    • “We’re not speaking to you?”
    • “What did you do?”
    • “Help me Jesus!”
    • “What did you find?”
  • Note was lengthy
    • ransom note requesting money ($118,000)
    • note had instructions to deliver money with threats of killing Jonbenet
    • letter directed towards John
      • Who did he have a negative relationship with? Did anyone resent him?
    • said SBTC victory
      • What does this stand for???
    • Professionals say someone was trying to disguise the letter by purposely making an error
    • Think the writer is an adult, age 30 or older, female
  • Jonbenet died at age 6

Assignment: Write a reflection of my opinion of the case


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